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We will assist you in tailoring your transportation needs and help define and execute.

Whether your challenge is capacity, keeping products at a controlled temperature or dealing with problem lanes, CamUK is ready to meet your demands. 

We have our E-Select and E-Network carriers ready to service your needs all are pre-qualified to our high standards and to your customized needs. 

We also have transportation management  a web based systems that provide our customers with real time, reliable, cost effective, superior service all created to make your life easier.


CamUK Logistics has contractual relationships with several thousand carriers nationwide.

Our freight management system provides updated data on available carriers and equipment. 

We are in constant contact with our carriers from pick-up through delivery. 

Our network communicates our customer loads throughout the United States, maximizing exposure for our customers' freight movements. 

We assure protection for our customer loads by qualifying each of our carriers. 

CamUK Logistics requires a signed Broker/Carrier Contract, insurance certification, valid authority, good safety rating, and FMCSA.  

Our order entry system has checks and balances from the load confirmation through delivery.